Technical Considerations

Where do we start!

I am NOT, I will admit, a technician. Having written, directed, acted, filmed, recorded the sound, edited the videos, the built the website, set up the memberships, etc., I have rather left the technical side of actually playing it to YOU.

However, following a complaint by a customer who bought my mystery and then found she couldn’t screen share it, or hear it on her laptop, it got me thinking that I should offer some pointers and some trouble-shooting options. I don’t know how, exactly, you will play it. If you play it on your phone, or tablet or computer or even your TV, there should be no problems (internet speed permitting).

If you are hosting a party, I suggest you test the way you intend to screen it first. I offer a test video in order for you to test without having to watch the actual mystery – and before you actually purchase anything.

You may also need to consider which browser you screen on. Google Chrome is probably the best for sharing. Do you use Zoom, even in a live situation. Mention also the Samsung phone to TV. All the options.