The Mystery Commute

This is where I’d like to include a series of audio murder mysteries.

Possibly, we re-record the plots we already have but, perhaps a better option, we record a series of old and new ‘favourites’. As much as I would love to film Judd and Drury, it will be far cheaper to record it. Would it work on audio? Could I sell audio downloads as a podcast, perhaps for car journeys, etc. Who knows?

Other titles might include; Ed Shottoff’s Last Will and Testament (under a new name, of course. Can’t have Dickie and Fanny Shottoff these days), The Art of Cod Acting, perhaps Sherlock Holmes (although we’d have to point out it was the same plot as before).

The other problem with the audio versions is that they can’t benefit from the usual paperwork clues (or can they?) They would need to be standalone pieces. So they may need to be newly created.Could be fun.