Mystery Game

Search Engine Optimisation! That’s what is needed here. SEO.

This is a brazen SEO attempt. Brazen!

I dunno how Google works exactly. I do know that in the ‘olden days’ you could pepper your site with your keywords and that would alert Google to what you do. So the words ‘Murder Mystery’ would appear in a number of different guises (adding ‘game’ or ‘online’ or whatever, or changing it to ‘mysteries’) throughout your site. This would be enough to get Google to whack you up through the pages to the very TOP (and keep you there).

Apparently, that doesn’t work any more. Or not to the degree it did.

Our competitors, in the very early days, resorted to underhand tactics. There was a rival company called Murder My Lord, owned by a lawyer turned actor called (can’t have been his real name, surely) Clive Panto. We discovered he (although he claimed it was his web creator) had planted all sorts of metadata in the head of his website with our company name and various words that anyone would use to search for us, rather than Murder My Lord. Not only that, but he HID keywords within his pages by using the same colour text as the background. So he would write Accidental Productions in white on a white background. Nobody, other than the search engine bots, could actually see it.

Our web creator discovered this and we approached Clive. He said he was ‘horrified’ his web designer would resort to underhand tactics (it would have meant anyone searching for us may have been sent to his site). It was quite a common practice and, rightly, Google put a stop to it.

But now, I need to get my new site,, high in the Google search results. Today is 4 December and I don’t have long to sell this show. Of course,I meant to build the site earlier than I did but Google haven’t listed it at all yet. My earlier site ( was listed pretty quickly. For this site, MurderMastery, I need to get listed ASAP. Hence my writing a few posts with search engine.


So, my point of writing is to get certain words, the sort of words I will be using on the site, known by Google well in advance. Hopefully, by the time I get my site up and running, the SEO will already be O. So come on Google, give us a break. I think MurderMastery is the site I will be using forever more. My Christmas Murder (The Nighty before Christmas), my Lockdown Murder Mystery (The Peyton case), along with my new shows (a Sherlock Holmes Mystery and history), a show I’m calling The YouTube Murders and anything else I can think of will all be available here.

So, like the companies who have done very well by Google, Red-Herring Games for example, I hope this site,, will be right at the very top.

And my current posts will reflect my efforts to achieve that.

Mind you, I can’t really believe that I’m still producing murder mystery shows after 31 years. Clive got rid of Murder My Lord and called it Clive Panto Productions (a corporate training company). Don’t know what he does now. Retired, I imagine.

But I still want to be funny and Murder Mysteries (those words again, Google) seems to be the best way to achieve that.

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