Murder Mystery, yes, but...


Mastery is a big claim, but it’s backed up with over thirty years Murder Mystery experience.

The aim: To offer the sort of MURDER MYSTERY GAMES you won’t find anywhere else.

TWO questions detectives ask the most

Ever since a survey of homicide detectives back in 1932, the two questions detectives are known to ask the most are:

Why? and Eh?

MURDER MASTERY has taken this information and turned it on its head. Literally.

If you only remember one thing, remember this; replace the ‘WHY?’ with an ‘Eh?’

Murder Mystery is Murder Mastery

Replace the ‘Y’ with an ‘A’

Got it?

Lockdown Murder Mystery Logo

The Lockdown Murder Mystery

This was where it began (aside from the 1990 beginning). As the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, I shot Murder at the Vicarage in my studio (well, loft).

Dressing up and playing all the parts (the detective and suspects), I also filmed it, edited it, built a website – Lockdown Murder Mystery – and sold it for just £3.99.

Christmas Murder Mystery

Players asked for a follow up and this was it. This time, D.I. George Butler is assisted in the acting by two members of SYADS (Scotland Yard Amateur Dramatic Society). 

The Nighty before Christmas re-enacts a case in the far north of England. A midnight murder as Christmas Eve gives way to Christmas Day.

Hang on, Murder Mystery, Murder Mastery... that it! Just two games?


At the moment it is. BUT there are BIG PLANS afoot so watch this space.

What plans?

Good question.

For a start, there will (I hope) be at least two more video Murder Mystery Games. The first is a Sherlock Holmes Mystery (and History) that I hope to shoot in the spring of 2022. This one will, I fear, include just one cast member – Detective Inspector George Butler – playing ALL the parts.

After that, I plan to shoot an epic, YES…EPIC, murder mystery that takes the audience all over the place. It’s a tad ambitious, I’ll admit, and it will require the services of around ten actors (see, epic).


The hope is to produce the sort of downloadable murder mystery games that folk can play at home. You know the sort of thing; dressing up, discovering you are the killer, dropping clues, putting on accents, etc. etc.

The sort of thing I do for a living.

But the ambition is to make them rather different to anything else you may be able to find on the interweb.

About me

I cannot abide talking about myself. I’m an actor so I like to hide behind a character.

But it is traditional to let people know who you are, so if you want to read my About Me page, click away and I’ll try to answer your questions..

Murder Mystery History

Having been in the murder mystery business since 1990 (that answers your question, ‘How old is this guy?’), I figure you may want to know how it all came about (the two mysterious New Yorkers).

Click to find out where it all began, where it went and where it ended up.