It seems they're trying to Hack Me

It is March 2023. 

I know, the site STILL isn’t up and running. But every now and then, I get an email informing me of how many people visit each month. They say I’m getting 5,000 HUMAN visitors a week (or is it a month?) Either way. it’s impressive.

However, I have taken a look at this site this afternoon and I’m clicking on the various icons. I find in my SiteScanner that I have a number of IP addresses who have been trying to gain control of my log-in details. I’ve blocked some of them, but there’s only so far you can go.

I wish I understood it but, to a layman, it looks as if SOMEONE is trying to hack me. Why? Who knows.

The SPAM messages

Same with my comments. I’m getting some from ‘lonely women’ desperate to have sex with me. I’m getting a lot in Chinese (and for all I know, the message could be the same). Unfortunately, all are fake nonsense. It is such a shame that so many people are online to DO YOU HARM! To break-in, hack, get their message out there. I really wish it wasn’t like that.

Will there EVER be a Murder Mystery on this site?

I was busy, OK!

Throughout much of last year, I was busy filming. Yes, I meant to do the Sherlock Holmes mystery. Yes, I meant to write downloadable murder mystery games. But did I?


I’m quiet now. My attention has come back to this. Will it work?

I dunno.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s all the rage. All you ever hear is AI this, AI that.

Everyone is selling ‘content creation’ to get you a higher ranking website/ Chat GTP is made by Microsoft but they are trying to fool Google into raising them through the ranks. Get to the top in the search engines using artificial intelligence. Will that work? I like to think that the clever people at Google and Deep Mind (who, by the way, were fairly responsible for closing our live murder mysteries down).

We played a lot of shows to Deep Mind. Like so many companies now, they played the ‘woke card’. We couldn’t use guns because a gun is a weapon of destruction (duh! And we weren’t using real ones) so they asked us to use a banana and shout ‘Bang’ instead. Then they asked us not to announce a winning team because that implied the others were ‘losers’. Finally, they closed us down because they didn’t like the suggestion a woman was having an affair with a married man (you’ve GOT to have a motive).

Anyhow, they were clever enough (not bright, but clever) to create some Lind of algorithmic detection code that can see AI (from Microsoft) is trying to trick the Google Search Engine Bots. It’s only a matter of time before they close that loophole.

But, until then. I think I may dip my toe in the AI ‘Chat GTP’ pool and create a post that will mean…something. I dare you to recognise it when you see it.