Downloadable Murder Mystery Games

I’m not suggesting this was written by AI But the fact is; it was. I asked ChatGTP: How do I start my Murder Mystery Scriptwriting career. Here’s what it suggested… Starting a career as a murder mystery scriptwriter can be challenging but also very rewarding. Here are some steps you can take to begin your … Read more

7 steps of writing a Murder Mystery

The Eve of World war I remember, back in 2014,¬†walking my dog in the park and wondering how, a century earlier, the world had slipped into madness. The BBC were running a radio programme at the time, looking back to ‘ordinary’ families in 1914, just at the time their young sons were heading off to … Read more

Downloadable Murder Mystery Games

Downloadable Murder Mystery Games Over 31 years since producing our first live murder mystery show, I find myself in a curious place; wondering, ‘How do I write downloadable murder mystery games?’. Live murder mystery scripts, although not easy to write (you have to consider plot and keep your audience on side), are at least controllable … Read more

Big Ben reshoot

I’m going out tonight. Or at least, I plan to. Popping down to the river at midnight. It comes down to a detail in my Christmas Murder Mystery, The Nighty before Christmas, that has annoyed me since I shot it a year ago. I had spent some time around midnight at New Scotland Yard, just … Read more

Mystery Game

Search Engine Optimisation! That’s what is needed here. SEO. This is a brazen SEO attempt. Brazen! I dunno how Google works exactly. I do know that in the ‘olden days’ you could pepper your site with your keywords and that would alert Google to what you do. So the words ‘Murder Mystery’ would appear in … Read more

Murder Mystery

Yet another murder mystery site (and not my first, either). In fact, I own quite a few but this one is destined to be my main one. It began with Accidental Productions, way back in 1999. We were one of the first companies in the UK to produce murder mystery shows but I wanted our … Read more